5 ideas for creating an economical kitchen interior – the advice of an experienced designer


Moving to a new house, most likely, the first thing you will do is repair new housing. And first on the turn will certainly be the improvement of the kitchen. This room is a symbol of the home and coziness, so I want to invest in its design more natural heat. Starting the reconstruction, you can face considerable costs for the purchase of natural materials.

However, considering such options, you come to the conclusion that some of them differ in relatively low cost. They will help save money when upgrading the kitchen.

The basis of the attractiveness of the kitchen floor lies in aesthetics and practicality. And if you are looking for its design environmentally friendly and reliable material, then the best candidate for this nomination is Terrazzo Crete. It is an innovative micro-concrete, the surface of which is so smooth and shiny that you can see its flickering reflection in it.

The second applicant for the title of the safest flooring is the wood used earlier. For example, the one that for years was soaked in high-grade wine. It is the boards from the old wine barrel that are of good quality. They will give a unique charm to any interior.


Choosing the material from which the kitchen set will be made, remember that the main thing is not only ecological compatibility, but also maximum safety for the surrounding nature. Plywood made from alternative raw materials perfectly suits these parameters. By giving preference to wood analogues, you will make your invaluable contribution to the protection of nature.

If you still decide to use the tree as the basis for the headset, it is better to give preference to MDF panels. But be wary of those sheets, for gluing which was used formaldehyde. To exclude this risk, ask the supplier for certificates.

If they did not convince you of safety, then conduct your own laboratory examination. For a simple renovation of the kitchen, you do not need to order new expensive furniture, you can simply breathe new life into old interior items. To do this, just color them in natural color, using a few shades.


Recycled glass in the creation of interiors in recent years has become a well-deserved popularity. And this is quite understandable. Its varied color scheme creates a unique eclectic design, giving the room a mystery and a unique charm.

From this original recycled material, even strong and comfortable working surfaces can be made. They are made so finely and skilfully that one can not even think about what this original transparent decor was before.

Wall decoration also provides ample opportunities for creating an environmentally friendly design. You can choose a glass tile to your taste and at an affordable price, or pay attention to other materials, such as, for example, Azurastone.

They are a natural acrylic stone in the form of traditional tiles, which is great for creating a mosaic. And if you liked the cold power of metal, then its effect can easily be achieved with the help of ordinary concrete with an original color and shape.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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