30 marble bathrooms as ideas for interior design


To date, marble is a favorite material for decorating rooms in high-end residences. Modern bathrooms can surprise you with materials and shapes that seemingly do not coincide with their purpose, but a fascinating collection of different types of marble is a modern solution.

In addition to 30 modern bathroom design ideas for your personal space, we chose several popular bathrooms that display iconic material – marble.

It does not matter what territory in form, what colors there are, this material exudes luxury and shows your desire for quality. Different types of it create a completely different mood, and it all depends on the performance, vision, interpretation, the intent of the artist. So you can create stunning artistic utterances.

Marble bathrooms are not only beautiful, but also serve as an example of how good materials find their way to go back to our homes in any style.

If you want to use this material in most of the room, contact a specialist who knows how to combine your ideas with territorial opportunities.

A very modern option is the combination of horizontal veins of marble. This is a unique type with stripes of dark color, which will look amazing.

You can make your home one that looks like a hotel, and set off a feeling, like in a luxury hotel.

Inspiration for the organization of such an amazing project can be obtained in numerous sources, as in the penthouse Suite Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto.

Each detail of the ornaments in this fabulous room adds depth and a sense of comfort. Candles and roses, as well as fresh, lush towels – this is what you want to see here all the time.

We saw the marble tables assembled together, which definitely can tidy up the territory, and this spacious place is another example of how this material can be used in modern homes. Here you can feel like in a spa with planning and details.

This fantastic residence in Melbourne with a stylish bathroom offers rounded forms on a wonderful background. One wall of marble can make meaningful changes to this place, based on simplicity.

By adding impressive lighting, the overall effect of an improved and cozy atmosphere is obtained.

Using it with rich black veins, you can achieve separation of the bathroom in an artistic form. A warm wooden cabinet adds comfort and a sense of comfort.

The picture with the image of a zebra on the wall gives the space a note of savagery, and the general atmosphere is immersed in a bright and natural light. You will be surprised to learn how many amazing items you can find in luxury suites.

The oval bath can be beautifully maintained using our material. Choosing the project in black and white, you need to pick up a few wooden ornaments, so that there was not "cold" and it became friendly.

Also, shelves and decor for the house will update the cleanliness and create a point to attract attention.

One of the tendencies of 2014 bathroom design is the use of onyx with it to create a glamorous area. Consider an example from the designer Nicki Clendening. By mixing strict marble with inexpensive paper for decorations, an inspiring style – eclecticism – has turned out.

Clearhouse on Shelter Island will be an excellent example for those who want to decorate part of their house with colored marble. As this house is almost transparent, the marble floor and the walls in one of the rooms provide the owners with a deep barrier, simplicity of design, privacy, quality and luxury.

Next on our list is a bathroom, separated from the bedroom only by a glass wall. Many feel that they need more privacy, more than a personal place, which is not enough in such options, but this is just prejudice.

This beautifully equipped area in Lake House, designed by architect Igor Sirotov, is a source of inspiration for those who prefer openness and modernity.

In warm colors this material can be found only, perhaps, at the resorts. Well, in private residences, of course. The photo above is the villa Kishti, which teaches us that a dressed in marble room can be terrific.

Remember that the choice of materials, colors, patterns and light greatly affects the relaxation and good mood.

A tranquil marble room does not necessarily have to be spacious and fulfill all your numerous needs. She just has to be smart.

You can make this layout, so that the bathtub and shower are next to each other. Use this infographic for planning, it will tell you a lot and will help well.

In a fantastic penthouse in London, this area acts as a separate apartment, where the body is blessed and clean. An example worthy of modern life.

Marble inserts can definitely revitalize your day. The game of materials helps to define an exquisite appearance, and hidden and open repositories give the owner the opportunity to carefully decorate this room.

Darker colors can enhance the effect of coziness, so that you start your everyday life with a smile. Designed by Canny, this "chocolate" bathroom in Canterbury, Australia, acts soothingly to the occupants. In combination with wooden furniture, a natural visually appealing background is obtained.

Choosing the right bathroom mirror, you will be transferred to the world of inspiring design that will be felt in everyday life. Also, carefully selected materials are needed to achieve the design of your dream and to feel yourself here, as in a fairy tale.

Awaken your interior with rich details, and you will be happy with what you have done.

A luxurious marble design means a fantastic combination of black, white and light. Roundness can be made light, and the environment – dark, as in the picture above.

It will look impossible, imagine: you are immersed in hot water with fragrant foam, on which beautiful rose petals float, and in hand a glass of champagne . is not it a dream ?!

And to consider intelligent technologies in planning is an important matter, then to enjoy the process of relaxation.

Eclectic design is most suitable for those who are wild in heart. With inspiration, as shown above, we can afford the embodiment of all desires for a combination of materials and feelings.

And do not forget to add the smell – soothing, relaxing fragrance mixtures that can relax your body and mind in the evening before going to bed, and refresh yourself in the morning.

The spacious white bathrooms come in a variety of shapes, which define when decorating. Functionality is a key property that even an interior style can not dominate.

Heated floors will provide comfort, bright lighting – a visual delight when looking at the mirrors. British architectural studio SHH was responsible for this project, and they did a fantastic job at Addison Road House.

Bathroom in the style of the spa is included in the list of 10 mandatory items for home buyers. One look at the photo above and you will understand that there are as many designs as there are dreamers. In the imagination of Thompson Custom Homes for customers, this option is most in demand.

When it comes to the women's zone, there must be colors and details that are welcome. Marble worktops can be the detail that changes the atmosphere – the gray and white Carrara look looks amazing in this lovely home in Atlanta.

Dynamic and elegant, mixed together, can bring a refreshing touch. Minor details from the material we are discussing, modern lines and sleek furniture make this Trousdale house, more precisely its bathroom, attractive. Windows fill the entire space with sunlight.

If you are looking for brightness, the room above will be an example for you. This is part of the 910 project from Kiko Salomao – an apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. Bold color details, like simple and complex bouquets with bright colors, broken monotony, all this characterizes this interior.

If you appreciate the privacy, pay attention to the Seacombe Grove House from be architecture. The ceiling window will provide you with natural light, and marble will fill it with refinement. Mirror wall is also here is not superfluous – to expand the territory and additional light.

A stand-alone bathtub near the wall can be an excellent choice when planning. As an option – Skyline House from Dick Clark Architecture, inspired by lightness, even airiness. And at night you can turn on the hydromassage .

The next room with the natural light passing through the glass, which fills each corner, can be what you have long wanted and sought to relax and rejoice. This two-story penthouse on the Lower East Side in Manhattan proves that comfort in the city includes a fairy tale element. All the reflecting surfaces create a fun light game.

Another example of a combination of marble and wood will shed light on your decision. Wooden shelves, niches from our material, towels, ornaments and flower vases, home textiles will help you revitalize the territory and play with colors and textures. Large windows will flood with light, and the height of the apartment will provide complete secrecy.

If you need a small bathroom interior that needs to be made functional, use your creativity when it comes to planning. Marble will allow you to implement various applications that will help it become better and more convenient.

Its mixture with concrete will give a more exciting and industrial feeling. When the ceiling window lights up, this room begins to show all the details that are otherwise less noticeable.

Look at the Villa Extramuros in Altu Alentejo, Portugal, as proof that two cold materials can create coziness.

Displaying fine or large details, shapes and depths, such bathrooms will be a pleasure for you. You can use different levels to get a confidential place, or hang Roman curtains, as in the photo above this text.

Whenever you have a need to get inspired, just look at our photos and you will have a marble bathroom.

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