28 kitchen design ideas that you will definitely like


No matter how carefully you think about the design and layout of your future kitchen, be sure that after completing all the works you will learn about a lot of interesting design solutions that are not in your field of vision.

Do not be upset and remember that it's never too late to take a step towards perfection. We offer all readers to get acquainted with the review of useful trifles in the kitchen and make up your own list for future repairs.


If you want bottles of oil, vinegar, sauce, etc., unexpectedly do not turn out to be the most unsuitable place, get a small wicker tray that will help to collect all these products together. It should be spacious enough and at the same time it is easy to move, freeing up the working space of the kitchen table.


Baskets can be incredibly useful in the kitchen. If the desktop has several open shelves, small wicker boxes can stand right there. Just do not forget to first fill them with vegetables, fruits and other products that you would like to have always at hand.

Retractable storage compartments for potatoes

Someone will think that this is excessive foresight. But many people are insane to take out bags with potatoes and onions from the refrigerator every time. The idea of ​​installing special retractable compartments for storing these vegetables seems to us very successful.

Boxes for kitchen accessories

As a rule, people really store all kinds of accessories in drawers, while dumping them into one big heap, from which you then have to retrieve the required item for a long time. But if you install such a deep box designed for separate storage of blades and scoops, your daily work in the kitchen will become much easier.

Mobile Kitchen Island

Such a wonderful island can move from place to place depending on where it is most needed at the moment. Especially relevant for this small kitchen. To get the most out of it, install additional drawers or storage compartments under the countertop.

Built-in garbage containers

No one should see the waste basket, entering the kitchen. And of course, you do not want to stumble over it while preparing dinner. Therefore, the installation of such compact containers seems to be the ideal solution. As a rule, they are neatly inserted into the deep box next to the sink. Containers can be two or three, so you can sort the waste and take the feasible part in the protection of the environment.

Large deep shell

This option is suitable for a spacious kitchen. A capacious sink can greatly facilitate the cleaning of the house in which a large family lives.

Kitchen apron that really works

Built-in coffee machine

The apron not only decorates the kitchen and protects its walls from contamination. Its space can be really useful. For example, a coffee machine built into the wall will be a pleasant addition to standard kitchen equipment.


If there is free space above the sink or near the stove, why not install the TV there? You can watch your favorite programs without stopping from preparing dinner.


Microwave ovens often take up too much space on the desktop. Consider the possibility of organizing a special niche in the wall, into which this useful device could be placed.

Suspension Rod

It is very practical to hang kitchen accessories on such a bar, fixed above the desk. The objects located in this way look stylish and orderly, and to use them simply and conveniently.

Magnetic stripe for spices

A lot of jars with spices and seasonings can not be stored on the kitchen table. There is a great idea to attach a magnetic strip to the wall and place on it containers with metal covers. Very stylish solution for modern kitchen.

Bays in the countertop

These elegant modules allow you to store products in a convenient place without blocking the work surfaces. Thus, it is possible to reduce the number of not very convenient drawers. Minimalist cuisine will benefit greatly from this decision.

Paper towel holder

Paper towels are very convenient to use and therefore are found in every kitchen. Install a special mount inside the cabinet or under the countertop of the kitchen island to hide unattractive rolls from prying eyes.

Retractable vertical modules

Some people consider such vertical boxes not very convenient, however, they also have a lot of admirers. In any case, in retractable modules it is very convenient to store spices and other useful trifles.

Boxes with separators for plates

Cymbals almost always fold on shelves or inside cabinets, but boxes also should not be discounted. The position of the dividers is adjustable according to your desire, which makes such a system very convenient and compact.

Holes for storing knives in the table top

With such storage, the knives will always be at hand. It is convenient and safe, only shelves and drawers under the countertop should not be

Corner cabinets

The corners in the kitchen are almost always empty, which is simply unacceptable for such a compact space. Installing corner cabinets, you will get more storage space.

Place under the sink

Is it not so, is it insulting that it is impossible to install drawers or shelves under the sink? But one module for storing detergents at the very bottom you can still afford.

Open shelves

There are many things that must always be at hand. The best place for them is on open shelves, which are usually hung over a sink or stove.

Two-level drawers for cutlery

At first glance, we have an ordinary box. But in fact there are two levels in it, located one above the other. You move lightly to the side of the upper one and get access to the cutlery in the lower compartment. Very convenient option for compact storage.

Bowls for animals

The side part of the kitchen island is ideal for not only placing your pet's bowls there, but also putting the treats in a special box below. Free space can be used for decoration, hanging there a photograph of the owner of the bowls.

Последние новинки

Long wall module

In this laconic smooth module built-in stand for knives. It is not only functional and practical, but also emphasizes the modern style of the kitchen.

Multifunctional washbasin

Now in the sink you can not only wash the dishes. To get the most out of this kitchen equipment, it's worth choosing a model with the option of installing a cutting board and other optional accessories.

Sculptural hood

Typically, the hood is the same cumbersome and awkward subject that fits very badly into the modern elegant kitchen interior. It's time to correct this situation. The minimalist model demonstrated in the photo is simply perfect. It embodies the idea of ​​stylish execution of functional objects.

High Faucet with Spray

This mixer model looks great. In addition to the obvious benefits in everyday life, it can give a charge of power and style to the interior of the kitchen. And at the same time perfectly combined with the sink.

Tablet stand

Take your electronic device with you to the kitchen and enjoy it with pleasure. Secure the tablet on this chic booth, and it will keep it in a safe position and at a comfortable angle while you study the cooking tips and advice from professionals.

Wine storage compartment inside kitchen island

If you are a domestic pet for whom you could put bowls, you do not have, use the side surface of the kitchen island to equip the storage compartment for bottles of wine. This solution not only saves space in the kitchen, but also adds color to its interior.

Wonderful ideas for improving the space of the kitchen area, you just want to add something and change in your kitchen.

Very fond of vertical cabinets, for quite some time now I want such lockers in my kitchen. You need to buy woven rectangular baskets and, in your example, make zones for storing vegetables. Two-level drawers for instruments are also very practical.

Original design of the kitchen is very important! So many interesting things here, I like such trifles as built-in lockers, recessed hoods and unusual shapes, compartments for storing wine inside the kitchen island, unusual bar run-offs and much more! Eyes are scattered and very interesting ideas!

In my kitchen, the trays and baskets are not translated long ago. Boxes for additional storage – also not new. A good opportunity to place a second trash can, the sink looks like a bathroom, the TV above the sink is a real way to spend time with good. I myself would hardly have guessed the dividers. The bowls for seals are also interestingly located.

All ideas are very useful, in the kitchen everything disappears immediately from the eyes. This is especially useful when you have a small child.

Yes, all design solutions in your kitchen can not be used, but all kinds of trays, containers and compartments are already in use and make life easier at 100%. And more and more often the compartments inside the counter top began to meet, I'm still unaccustomed yet.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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