25 stunning kitchen interiors with ceiling windows – photos and descriptions


Ceiling windows in the interior of the kitchen – the landscape as part of the space

The best design solution for kitchen interior is the ceiling windows. The ceiling is undeservedly deprived of attention, although even a minor change in it can completely transform the space around. Often we focus too much on the decor of the walls. We are ready to spend days and weeks looking for suitable wallpapers, paintings and ornaments, sometimes completely forgetting about another equally important part of the room.

What can we say about special constructions like a ceiling window! Today we are ready to give you a tour of the most remarkable kitchen interiors, featuring an interesting structure of the ceiling.

Ceiling and dormer windows are more often found in living rooms or bedrooms, and it is in the kitchen that these structures acquire not only a decorative, but also a practical purpose.

Magnificent kitchen in gray tones with competent inclusion of bright red elements

Let there be light!

So, the ceiling window not only decorates the interior. It completely changes the structure of natural light, allowing you to zonate space at your discretion. There is no other place in the house that would benefit more from having windows in the ceiling.

Additional sources of daylight can reduce electricity consumption, and work in natural light is much more comfortable. Most often, the ceiling windows and anti-aircraft flashlights are placed above the working area or kitchen island, but it will not be superfluous also to designate a dining area for them.

The kitchen in the rustic style is additionally illuminated through the ceiling window

The narrow space will seem more spacious due to the presence of a ceiling window

I must say that the ability of ceiling windows visually to expand and fill with light close rooms is their main advantage, as kitchens are often not large enough. And for the main trend 2015 year – black kitchens – this is especially true.

Refined interior in modern style with ceiling windows

A very elegant way to include the ceiling windows in the traditional design of the kitchen

The open-plan kitchen is additionally ventilated by a window in the ceiling

The kitchen in the dark scale does not seem monotonous and gloomy due to streams of light streaming from the ceiling

The original ceiling window with trusses illuminates the space of an incredibly stylish kitchen

Spectacular beauty of vaulted ceilings

In recent years it has become fashionable to make constructive changes in the appearance of houses in order to improve their aesthetic and functional properties. Kitchens with vaulted and inclined ceilings now occur much more often than before.

Such interiors are ideal for installing ceiling windows that contribute to the creation of a more complex pictorial image. If your kitchen in the attic seems too gloomy because of the overhanging roof slope, dormer windows or anti-aircraft flashlights will allow to unload and open its space.

The ceiling windows created a somewhat theatrical atmosphere in this traditional kitchen

Windows seem to be a natural solution for the ceiling of such a structure

Such huge windows completely determine the nature of the interior

Co-ordinated stools and ceiling blinds visually connect the upper and lower parts of the kitchen

Elegant ceiling windows locally illuminate the interior

Skylights do not have to be located above the kitchen island

Stylish combination of ceiling windows and lamps in the interior of modern kitchen

Always in place

It does not matter which style your design belongs to, because there is an ideal ceiling window anyway. There are many original ways to enrich the interior, starting with framed heavy wooden beams in rural and traditional kitchens and ending with innovative lightened windows of intricate shapes. Simple wooden frames to combine well with the appropriate in style shelves and countertops. Remember that blinds and Roman curtains can become your helpers in creating an ideal image.

Stunningly stylish and optimistic interior of modern kitchen

Blinds allow you to control the degree of illumination

Separately located ceiling windows for dining and working area

Ceiling windows give you an incomparable sense of belonging to a large world, allowing you to contemplate a cloudless or star-studded sky. If you decide to install windows in the ceiling, carefully consider the thermal insulation system, lighting and layout of the kitchen before commencing construction work. Having done everything right, you can be proud of your unique cuisine!

Stylish vault facing completely changes the nature of the window

The framing of the ceiling window perfectly harmonizes with the decoration of the kitchen

Roughly finished ceiling beams give the interior a rustic charm

Ultra-modern kitchen with an unexpectedly bright ceiling window

A very simple and at the same time refined window in the ceiling

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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