25 great design ideas for the kitchen with windows in the ceiling


Everyone knows the tendency to pay maximum attention to the walls when it comes to interior design. This means endless hours of contemplation of the color palette, the choice of decor and works of art that will determine the character of the house.

However, we often overlook one more important aspect which, no less than the walls, is capable of giving the rooms an attractive appearance. These are the ceilings, which are usually given less attention than they deserve. Even a simple shade change or a new ceiling finish can give the room a completely different atmosphere. And now imagine how the attic window will transform the room!

In the living room or bedroom, the attic windows are much more common than in the kitchens. But it is the kitchen, by and large, is the only corner in the house where these designs can be used to the fullest. In our selection – 25 masterpieces of design with ceiling windows, which, perhaps, will give you inspiration and courage to fill the house with light and charm.

It's all about lighting!

Kitchen window blocks not only make the room beautiful – they perform a very definite practical function: they fill the room with sunlight. And, perhaps, there is no more advantageous place for placing ceiling windows, a kitchen that needs an abundance of light.

Ceiling openings will help reduce dependence on artificial lighting, which will be useful for health and mood. You can place them above a functional island or workstation to provide a direct stream of light during the day, while lamps and modern lamps can be used after sunset.

Gray set and bright accents: great cuisine from Adam Butler Photography studio

A beautiful house and a cozy kitchen with a glazed roof. Photo courtesy of Mary Prince Photography

The narrow corridor looks much more spacious thanks to the attic openings. Repair is done by the workshop.

But more importantly, the attic windows help to turn small rooms into cheerful and bright ones that look extremely attractive and visually increase in size. They are more efficient and effective than conventional windows, since sunlight from the ceiling is more evenly distributed throughout the room. In a black design, which is called one of the hottest tendencies of 2015, these designs will look extremely beneficial!

Exquisite snow-white home decor with a "second light" from the Bureau of Roundhouse

Elegant use of window apertures in a traditional room was realized by specialists of Sutton Suzuki Architects

Mansard apertures provide good natural ventilation of the entrance kitchen. The project is executed by John Maniscalco Architecture

Add the sunshine to the dark room, as did the masters Renovation Design Group

Unique lighting system in fashionable apartments from Union Studio

Aura of inclined ceilings

For the past few years, experts have been witnessing an increase in the number of customers who are turning to "adaptive reuse" of structures to give their old classic cottages a new life. Home decoration with vaulted and inclined roofs becoming more common than ten or twenty years ago.

Sloping ceilings are ideal for dormer windows, and kitchens designed in this style have an expressive and timeless appeal. If your beautiful loft looks congested, then the windows will be the best way to bring freshness and special charm to the atmosphere.

Heaven's skylights give expressiveness to the traditional decor from Cathy Knight of Knight Architects

This kitchen with vaulted ceiling seems to be an ideal place for ceiling windows! Photo taken by David Churchill Photography

Let the skylights become the main architectural feature, as suggested by the project from Bulthaup Winchester

Large window blocks set the general atmosphere. The masterpiece is embodied in the life of the Bureau Amory Brown

The harmony of the chairs and the ceiling window gives this kitchen a unique look! Photo courtesy of VELUX Wondows

Small ceiling windows allow only the right amount of light. Designed by Lori Smyth Design

Mansard windows should not be located strictly above the island! MDSX Contractors Project

Customizable skylights and lamps enliven the modern apartment. Photo courtesy Mark Pinkerton – vi360 Photography

Mixing Different Styles

Regardless of which design direction is implemented in the house, there is always room for an original and creative ceiling unit! From country style to traditional manner in the interior – in any interiors there is a place for mansard window constructions. They can be framed in powerful wooden frames or decorated with intricate farms, combine innovative solutions and delightful simplicity. This variety offers a variety of creative ways that will help give the rooms a sunlight.

Many modern kitchens show an excellent combination of simple, unpretentious wood trim of the ceiling windows and kitchen furniture. Just pick up blinds or Roman curtains that will put the right accents, and you will have a great energy-efficient kitchen with plenty of sunlight.

Luxurious kitchen with a cheerful atmosphere from the workshop of Hobsons Choice

Stunning blinds provide remarkable insulation – studio Bill Fry Construction

"Smart" window openings for the dining area and bar. Picture taken by Chris Snook Photography

Skylights bring to the house a sense of dreamy elegance, as they open space to the sun and the stars. If you decide on such a redevelopment, then pay attention to the insulation of windows, additional lighting and arrangement of kitchen furniture, including the island and work surfaces, before making a final decision.

The innovative finish of the window makes it simply exquisite! The project is developed by the Samsung workshop

A beautiful glass dome blends seamlessly with the room – from the studio Francis Garcia Architect

Wooden beams give the room a rustic charm. The project was executed by the agency Brian Patterson Designs

Elegant multi-colored design with multi-colored execution from the bureau Kearns, McGinnis and Vandenberg

A simple and stylish way to add a window block. Repair is implemented by the Poggenpohl office

We presented to your attention a unique selection of solutions for the transformation of the kitchen area with the help of original dormer windows.

And you liked these amazing decor ideas? Share your opinion in the comments with us!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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