25 fashionable interiors: charming sliding doors for pantry in the kitchen


A pantry with a barn door means plenty of room for storing porcelain dishes

Doors for storerooms in the kitchen – everyday or creative? Used to save space, and sometimes as an aesthetic detail, this interior element has become particularly popular in recent seasons.

Ambarnaya sliding door brings freshness to modern interiors. Undeniably, it fascinates and attracts the views in the context of the work of fashion designers. Previously, sliding doors have already been used for bedrooms, living rooms, just as interior doors. Today, designers turn to the sliding door for the design of the kitchen.

The ideal pantry door

If you are looking for an option for a pantry door that is unique, fashionable, had a special texture (stone, glass, tiles), a sliding barn door is a worthy modification. The options are a huge choice. The restored, vintage barn door can be quite expensive, quite heavy and requires special equipment for installation. Before choosing, decide on the spatial solution and calculate the budget.

Mediterranean style kitchen with a realistic granary door from Andra Birkerts Design

The old barn door turns into a sliding kitchen door for a pantry (Design by HighCraft Builders)

Sliding mechanism – this is so good these doors for the pantry. They save space without requiring a gap for opening. It is easy to select and, if necessary, change the color solution to fit the color scheme of the entire kitchen.

Beach-style kitchen with pantry (Design by Marty Rhein – BAC Design Group / Williamson Photography)

A full-sized pantry with cupboards and a working kitchen area, hidden behind a sliding door (Design: K. Marshall Design)

Modern pantry with an elegant sliding door (Design: Dwellings Design Group)

Unique kitchens with barn doors for pantry (Design: Green Apple Design)

Unusual entry

Barn doors in the kitchen – an obvious, perfectly fitting reception. The kitchen needs nothing else, as in a noticeable, attractive entrance, which would harmoniously separate the dining room and kitchen from the living quarters. Sliding barn doors cope with this task at a time. And they will definitely bring a highlight to the interior thanks to the impressive size and contrast that they can create.

Sophistication will give the use of neutral tones – steel gray, natural, details in the form of wooden frames and glass panels.

Excellent sliding doors for a stylized modern kitchen (Design: Dillon Kyle Architecture)

Interior doors for kitchens in rural style (Design: Narofsky Architecture + ways2design)

Fashionable doors in granary style with glass panels (Design: Barbara Gilbert Interiors)

The doors of unique textures from Refined LLC

Combining the kitchen with the living room from Advanced Renovations

Elements of design in rural style create a unique comfort (Design: Vernon sons Construction)

Semi-transparent sliding doors for modern kitchen (Design: Benning Design Associates)

Funny board for notes

As an alternative to the usual design of the sliding door, it is proposed to put the door – the record board. And it definitely benefits by functionality! Even adults sometimes need to draw something, record a recipe or a phone. A board with chalk is ideal for this and you do not need to look for paper and a pencil. The whole family will be happy to use it: send a note to each other or make a shopping list.

Sliding original door for storeroom in the form of a board with chalk (Design: Silent Rivers Design + Build)

Stylized barn door, hiding the pantry, will fit well into the ultramodern interior (Design: The Ransom Company)

Chalkboard as a door for a locker (Design: thea home)

The door of the cabinet is made in a granary style, the surface is a chalk board (Design: Tal Naor and Thea segal / Photographer Dana Miller)

Such multi-faceted doors for storing in the kitchen

In more constrained conditions, when there is no dedicated storage area, and when the kitchen is part of the living quarters, the granary door can become a convenient way of functional division of areas. A new look at the rough granary door allows you to create exquisite modifications, preserving the charm of rural life, the spirit of coziness and warmth of your home.

Classical gray tones in the design of Louk Enterprise

Urban style kitchen with comfortable cupboards with sliding wooden doors (Design: Bailey General Costracting Co)

An ancient restored sliding door for a kitchen cabinet (Nat Rea Photography)

Farm-style kitchen with sliding storage barn door (Design: Rebekah Zaveloff – KitchenLab)

Kitchen in a rural style studio with a storage area in the upper level (Design: Northworks Architects and Planners)

Sliding cabinet door in a cheby chic style kitchen (Design: Antonio Martins Interior Design)

Traditional kitchen with barn door (Design: Mark Gruber Design / Photography: Mark Havens)

The granary door in the kitchen is not only a tribute to the actual trends of fashion. Practical and stylish alternative to the usual – classic swing doors. The installation of such a door creates a functional space in the room, reflecting a rational approach in the interior design of the kitchen.

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