25 examples of kitchen interiors in Scandinavian style


This direction in design is quite universal. It is suitable for any size room. Its distinctive features are laconic forms and clean lines. In priority, light, almost white, tone. They give a feeling of freshness, lightness and spaciousness.

The work area is necessarily covered with panels, behind which all home appliances are hidden from view. The facades of the cabinets are smooth, with barely visible or hidden accessories.

Another feature is the use of natural wood. It somewhat softens the severity of the design and makes the atmosphere more warm.

A characteristic feature is the abundance of natural light, huge windows.

A white picture can be diluted in black. This will make the interior brighter, more spectacular.

In the color scheme, pale blue is often preferred.

The magic is the absence of diversity. Therefore, the decoration is dominated by pastel colors.

Contrasting moments are introduced in a dosed manner. It can be a rug with ethnic ornaments, fresh flowers, bright dishes.

Instead of hanging cabinets over the working area have a conventional open shelves.

As a variant of the walls – white tiles.

The surface of the working area can be metallic.

Quite often for decorative finishing take a stone or a brick.

In the next photo, for example, an apron in the work area is decorated with a brick. But for greater practicality it should be covered with glass.

And here we used ordinary tiles.

You can also put the apron mosaic.

Sometimes the plank floor is simply painted white.

If you put a bright mat on the floor, the room will not seem too "sterile".

A striped black and white rug will give your kitchen elegance.

The original solution is the floor in the form of a chessboard.

A bright yellow lamp above the dining area. A little sun to the cold northern landscape will not hurt.

Add brightness with textile accessories.

Curtains are not provided here, but if you are not comfortable without them, hang transparent curtains.

Nordic style – minimalism in everything!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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