24 variant of small kitchen islands: smart designs with high functionality


Ancient butcher's desk-table in a small traditional kitchen

If the kitchen has a modest size, what are the most preferable options for a kitchen island for it? Is not it better to abandon this subject of the situation and move the place for cooking to the wall?

This is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. In fact, everything depends on family needs and available space. A clever kitchen island is an ideal way to expand the space for cooking and create a new surface for breakfast.

And there is absolutely no reason why this magnificent universal element can not be located in a small room. The small practical islands presented here will solve this problem with ingenuity and grace.

Narrow model with an additional table in a small room

There was a time when all homeowners dreamed of having grandiose and spacious rooms that would allow them to have extravagant clever subjects. But modern design trends put functionality and bold decisions ahead of a huge space. A detail such as a kitchen island, when used correctly, will even improve the aesthetics of the entire cooking area.

Think about the area and space!

When it comes to large massive models, we always want to discourage our readers from buying a huge square option. Often such a choice leads only to the fact that this large area can not be cleaned normally and it eats a huge piece of space.

Nevertheless, small functional islands of this form are very practical and help to save a lot of space. Such small areas are both ergonomic and visually pleasing.

A structural object brings contrast

Some owners simply used a butcher's desk-table or a wooden board at the top of their makeshift islets. One of the advantages of this approach is that it gives you an additional surface of the countertop, which can be made of marble or of stone.

Elegant small room with an innovative element

A traditional solution with beautiful backlighting

A smart subject can fold when not needed

Cool thing, created by own hands

Form and correspondence

Unlike large kitchen islands, small-sized give you more variety in terms of shape and mobility. The choice in favor of a narrow and long element is a very difficult decision. And you need to think carefully before you buy it.

While it offers an additional work surface and preparatory areas, it will also become a hindrance to free movement around the kitchen and disrupt the technological process. A long island between the sink and the stove can mean that you have to bypass it every day for many times.

The ideal breakfast corner

Cute round islet with a block on top

A narrow zone in white with a magnificent cooking center

Most often people think only of the additional work area, which will bring a small functional island. Many of the ingenious modern creations also help to hide additional storage systems.

If you do not need extra space for kitchen utensils, this area can be used to hide bar stools when they are not used. New needs peculiar to your kitchen will determine and shape this area.

Small centers provide extra space on the shelves

Incredible practicality of small open space

Amazing use of two-level zone

The successful use of mixed worktops

The antique decor of the small island attracts a glance!

Kitchen shed

Adding extra space, we can increase the functional useful area. For large rooms this does not play a big role, but for small it is very important. According to the idea in a one-room apartment, this center with a canopy will become a wonderful corner for breakfast. Protrusions should be firmly secured, especially if they are made of stone.

Individual project in white color

A wonderful way to make the room light and airy

With a fashionable use of coutage style and a discreet gray color

The idea of ​​placing a functional area in a small kitchen is always subjective. But, regardless of size, there is always the opportunity to use smart solutions that will give you an excellent working surface and storage space!

The table top protrudes and creates an extra space

Modern kitchen in a small space

In a large room you can also benefit from an oversized island

Make sure you have enough space to get around the island

The ledge makes the zone even more attractive!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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