20 kitchen design ideas from Scandinavia – a selection of stylish options that deserve attention


Scandinavian cuisines are known for their modern style. Not to mention their permanent elements, such as white walls, wooden details and bright accents in the form of textiles, which have long been the hallmark of this furniture.

Today we present 20 the best interiors of Scandinavian cuisines. Their fresh countryside color and snow-white rooms cause inexpressible warm feelings.

This includes also metal finishing touches, clean lines and sculptural elements, which carry additional functionality, for example, modern lamps.

Let's look at some options. Perhaps you will be so inspired that you include elements of the Scandinavian style in your kitchen.

Fresh interiors

White walls often serve as a fine canvas for vivid accents and modern touches, such as metal accessories. You can evaluate this combination in the photo below.

Sometimes all you need to do is add one or two highlighting colored strokes to the white background. For example, the orange chair in the next photo attracts looks, although this is only one aspect of the multi-faceted room.

A bright touch attracts looks

Pay attention to the strategy of using color in the white kitchen in the photo below: points on a series of white mugs standing on a shelf above the sink, bright fruits, as well as patterned towels and a tray.

Sculptural elements are particularly interesting in this situation. In the next photo, a light spherical hanging lamp and originally segmented bookshelves visually create centers of attention.

Sculptural elements decorate the room

Fresh interior does not have to be completely white. The bluish color will be simply magnificent. Celestial shades, as if splashed on the walls of the room, they become even lighter from the sunlight pouring from the large windows.

When we talk about large windows, the bright and spacious kitchens, as in the photo below, amaze with the use of open spaces and straight lines. The ultra-modern Scandinavian design in all its glory is simply magnificent.

In another kitchen, clear wooden and metal details accentuate the look at yourself. Nevertheless, instead of seeming perfect and unique, this premise has a rustic business appearance thanks to the reasonable use of space along the walls for storing the tools.

With metal accents

Charming designs

It was fashionable enough to use patterned elements in the interior, but this does not make furniture less modern, but introduces individuality and special warmth into the room. On the photo of the house, built, by the way, in 1908 year, the kitchen is decorated with just such floral decoration. Masters performed a border running on top.

In shades of blue

Textiles are an easy way to bring color into space. In the next photo we see an assortment of towels and napkins, some of these samples are very rich in shades.

Textiles in Scandinavian style

Another great way – to lay here Scandinavian rugs, for example, Swedish. Woven motifs will make the style more pronounced and attract attention. They seem to be made with their own hands, besides, they contrast perfectly with the more clear images of modern details.

Swedish carpets for the kitchen

Stripes are also popular in Scandinavian style textiles. Pay attention to the colorful carpet, which is combined with other elements due to its coloring.

You might like the option with dark and light stripes. The grooves on the walls, the wicker baskets and the tablecloth look very harmonious with the rugs in the sea style.

Striped carpets emphasize the style

And why not transfer all the same strips to the walls? A retro-style watch and a trio of pendant fixtures update the classic look of this kitchen.

Black and white stripes refresh the room

It may seem that the red is not able to harmoniously blend with the blue. But on this photo, the mat matched perfectly into the interior of the sky-blue kitchen.

Rug as a bright spot in the blue kitchen

Comfort and coziness

Of course, it is worth mentioning the tree in the design. The warm elements of this material give the space the look of a real village house. However, you will agree that it looks simply amazing.

Island variant in Scandinavian style

Metal and wood are perfectly combined. The kitchen in the photo below has an island bar with built-in shelves for storing wine, and stainless steel appliances are the perfect touch.

The fresh lime color of the chairs is not the only point of attraction. The carefully selected material for the cabinets perfectly matches the color of the walls and the floor.

Sometimes wooden furniture makes the room look like a hut, especially when the fireplace and plaid are placed here. Why not? This ski base in the Scandinavian style in the photo below is the very charm.

The wooden stand, sink and structure of the material from which the boxes are made, gives the impression of reliability and durability. Such an interior can be decorated with various small colored details.

Wooden Kitchen Island

This version is equipped with hanging lamps. The emphasis is on dark furniture, which also fits perfectly into the style. White walls refresh the room, making it not so gloomy.

Cozy spacious kitchen with dark furniture

We tried to cover as much as possible the theme of the kitchens of this style. Perhaps, you prefer variants in white with several bright accents, or did you like warm wooden interiors more? Maybe you liked the patterns on fabrics and carpets? Or did you fall in love with open, straightforward spaces with a minimum of detail?

We are waiting for your feedback, dear friends.

I would never have thought that the Scandinavian style is so versatile. Ultra-modern design with windows in the floor in combination with natural motifs can not help but like. Separately, I note colorful striped rugs, as well as bright textiles. I think it's worth trying to refine your kitchen with such interesting elements in Scandinavian style.

The article presents a photo of the Scandinavian style kitchen design, I liked the presented options! Scandinavian style is distinguished by its bright strokes. If a single-colored room, and in it to add bright shades, then immediately the mood rises and you want to create in such a bright, boring space! Moreover, there are so many options to put it into practice!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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