20 designer bedrooms with original creative style solutions


Designers with a world name say that there are many ways to add to your bedroom an original "highlight". Today on the pages we will tell about four creative style solutions that can improve the interior of almost any bedroom, be it luxurious or unpretentious.

About lighting

If you thought that pendant lamps look good only in the living room and dining area, then you are deeply mistaken. Specialists from "BoConcept" offer original hanging lamps placed on the sides of your bed, and in the center of the bedroom hang a lamp with a simple lampshade.

For a stylish bedroom with panoramic windows and high ceilings, the designer Jeremy Cole (Jeremy Cole) offers an original chandelier made of porcelain under the exotic name "Aloe Bud" ("Aloe Bud").

For a boudoir with cold gray colors, chairs with a gold upholstery and a unique luxury chandelier "Artichoke Lamp" ("Artichoke Lamp") made of copper, are ideal.

The original "Oly" chandelier consists of several concentric rings filled with pretty playful loops – the thing is very capricious and ideally suited to a luxurious bedroom in light colors.

The beauty of crystal does not fade with the years and chandeliers, and the floor lamps of this noble material will be an excellent decoration for the glamorous gray bedroom – say designers from the company "Goodman Charlton" (Goodman Charlton).

Even in a cottage that is located far from the metropolis, the bedroom can be decorated with a unique chandelier in the form of this prickly "hedgehog" from specialists from the American company Jean De Merry, which was founded by the Frenchman Jean de Merry (Jean de Merry) and Italian by the origin of Christian D. Maroselli (Christian Darnaud-Maroselli)

The art of decorating the wall above the headboard

Those who prefer a painted wall at the head of the bed can decorate it with the help of several large photographs in the frame under the glass – cheap and angry.

Fans of modern art can hang their favorite reproductions on the wall at the head of the bed, as shown in the photo – experts from the company "Moeski Design Agency" advise.

Those who like different trends in art can decorate their bedroom with various photographs and paintings in the style of the gallery, as proposed by the designer Lonny.

The original backrest made of leather and bezel from mirrors, as well as three mirrors in the style of "sunburst" will add sophistication and modernity to the warm tones of a spacious bedroom.

Wonderful plants

Add a breath of freshness to the bedroom in the literal sense of the word – include in your boudoir a plant, for example a tub with an exotic plant, as experts from the "Room & Board" advise.

You can place vases with original plants near the window, which will also revitalize your bedroom and, at the same time, become an important part of the decor.

Quite large exotic plants harmoniously fit into the spaciousness of the modern bedroom and add a little freshness.

In addition, the addition of green spaces can create a luxurious bedroom in a luxurious bedroom and turn it into a luxurious hotel room, reminding you of unforgettable days spent in the Bahamas, on vacation.

In a country cottage, in a luxurious bedroom, you can install a panoramic window and fresh greens from the infield will always delight your gaze, and furniture should be placed in such a way that it does not obstruct the picturesque view.

Outstanding colors

When it comes to unusual shades, you need to remember that the bright one does not always mean that it's the best. Sometimes the use of subtle nuances in warm and soft colors, combined with gold – gives a fairly powerful effect.

A powerful combination of orange and pink tones in the snow-white bedroom makes its interior refreshing and very reminiscent of summer.

In a bright room with a unique white bed under the canopy look spectacular table lamps bright red and yellow.

A spacious bedroom in light colors with shades of chocolate is ideal for refreshing the abundance of brightly colored pillows that will create the necessary harmony in the interior and add exquisite charm.

There are a lot of offers from designers, and what style to apply to your bedroom to refresh the situation is up to you, based on your taste and financial capabilities.

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