20 chic bedside tables for a modern bedroom: originality, functionality and style


When it comes to bedroom decor, bedside tables become as necessary as their style. Being a place for an alarm clock, a cell phone and a lamp, they can also store your favorite books and magazines that you read before going to bed.

However, often this small piece of furniture is simply forgotten. In the end, a bedside chair or other compact object can serve as a bedside table, as well as a pair of folded modules. But what if you want to focus on design?

They will help to strengthen your choice of style, including glamorous, classic or modern. You can see in the examples below how they can perfectly match the color range of the bedroom.

The examples in this article are taken from the popular Houzz design website, and they are presented in the best modern interiors. From fully built into the walls to partially embedded, the choice offers you a stream of ideas, and hopefully this will lead you to the bedside table of your dream!

We begin with those who are on their own four legs. Not with built-in walls or built-in bed! The bright and very rich palette of the room in the example below is perfectly reflected in each green and white bedside table. Rate these blue lamps! [from Eche Martinez]

Glossy white and green

There is nothing more interesting than the original combination of dark blue and white. The navigation sense is manifested when the elements of gold supplement such a gamut. Elegant white bedside tables demonstrated below are dazzled with gold colored handles. [from Domicile Interior Design]

White with gold handles

Are you looking for a geometric supplement to decorate a bedroom in the Hollywood Regency-style? The golden details in the following example perfectly combine angles and lines in the design that reflect the patterns of pillows in this room. [from Marmalade Interiors]

Lacquered with gold details

Two-colored tables are also to be marked. For example, in the room below, the white pieces of furniture have dark wooden bases that prevent this situation from disappearing against the white walls and light carpeting. [from Michael Lorenzano]

From white and dark wood

Models of strict lines fit perfectly into modern spaces, as in the following example of a room. The design of the partial style of Parsons is indisputably one of the modern, but the softness of the floral print on the back of the bed and the cushions add warmth to this boudoir. [from GDC Construction]

With strict lines

The next interior is absolutely divine with its geometric pillows, bright artwork, and of course, mirrored bedside tables that pretend the light of the room to life. [from Heather Garrett Interior Design]

In the metal finish in the example below, they complement the cool color to the warm beige tone of the bedding. Simple and at the same time elegant, these tables stand for themselves, while not overlapping other internal details, such as the vertical gardens hanging over them. [from Lindy Donnelly Interior Design]

Why not use a small storage system when you choose your nightstand? The following example of the interior has two shelves that are ideal for placing books or baskets. Complete the design with a vase of fresh flowers, a lamp and an interesting exhibit. [from RBrant Design]

Storage system in a modern bedside table

The model shown in the example above is massive in its durable wood trim. Yet the parts given below are light and airy thanks to the strategic use of chromium and metal. And they, of course, are limited for storage, although cluttering up their disorder definitely would not detract from their style! [from Carlyn and Company]

Glass and metal with double shelving

Sometimes they are an emphasis on chic in the interior, but not in isolation. The corresponding effect is created by a pair of high parts in the following example. Notice how the height and width demonstrate their sufficient space at the bottom for possible storage of chairs and pillows. [from Domicile Interior Design]

Chic bedside samples

Modern built-in

They can be sold separately, or they can be built into other furniture. In the room shown below, it's hard to tell where the back of the bed ends and where the nightstand begins. The result: a single space with plenty of room for surface decoration [from Narofsky]

Instead of being part of the headboard, the bedside table in the following example is part of the wall. In fact, this "situation" is slightly larger than the ledge, but definitely performs its work! [from Richard Bubnowski Design LLC]

Built-in wooden parts

The model below is tied to the bed, and its enlarged shape gives it functions both of the bedside and chest of drawers, and its horizontal lines correspond to the modern style of the room. [from The Construction Zone]

Built-in bedside space

Look closely at the next image, otherwise you can view it! A simple circular expansion is all that is needed to store bedside accessories in this modern space. Plus, its placement leaves enough room on the floor for the location of interesting plants. [from Susan Diana Harris Interior Design]

Double racks are the main feature of the model shown below, which extends from the head of the bed in the form of shelves. The contrast between dark and light materials adds depth to the modern interior of the room! [from Studio William Hefner]

Double shelf of built-in bedside table

Modern wall

Why do they prefer wall tables? Because they are elegant, they are unexpected, and they free space from below to store other things, such as extra pillows.

Plus, such elements attract attention to the beauty of the geometric shape, which is demonstrated by rectangular examples in the following example. And geometry, of course, is the main feature of this room! [from Amy Lau Design]

Modern wall patterns

For a high bed, as shown below, the wall-mounted bedside table makes perfect sense, creating a sense of weightlessness. This choice of dark wood corresponds to gloss and modernity. It is worth paying attention to its four-door mirror design creating a segmented view on the background of the brick back of the bed. [from Hufft Projects]

Lighter wood can be as striking as shown in the bright interior below. The matching of the bed and the bedside table to the golden wood of the wall leads to a cohesive appearance that prepares the basis for striking accents, such as, for example, geometric artwork in basic colors. [from Houzz]

From a light tree Speaking of unity, wall tables in the following example are decorated with a single statement, thanks to how they perfectly integrate in the accent on the wall from which they stretch. [from Axis Mundi]

Attached to the wall

We end up with a wide walled nightstand, which is long enough to look like a table. In this modern room there is a lamp, a vase of flowers and other decor items on it. Long, strict and elegant, it has darker tone of space. [from Phil Kean Designs]

Wide built-in model

Glossy. Mirror. Wooden. Metal. Built-in. The wall. There are many options! You can even buy an element that is a complement to other furniture, multiplying its function.

Do you go after one or two? It depends on your interior. Compact spaces are suitable for one. But if you have a double bed, it is better and more pleasant to have two night tables for each person, that would have its place for a book, cell phone and a glass of water. Good luck shopping with you!

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