15 fabulous interiors of living rooms with accent wall – away monotony and boredom!


A beautiful light blue and snow-white tone brings elegance to the salon, developed by KannCept specialists

And again we will make a small virtual journey with you through the vast spaces of our multi-faceted and immense portal of Interiors Rooms where everyone can playfully find a huge amount of curious and expressive material about possible variations of home decor and conceptual solutions for the transformation of the apartment's living space that can fill the atmosphere with brightness and creativity.

In today's story, we are pleased to introduce you to the exclusive design of fifteen magical guest rooms with a striped pattern on the wall surface.

Let's immerse ourselves in captivating photography of the interior and look at the amazing stylistic performance and stunning ideas realized by numerous masters and specialists.

You can not deny that the stylish accent on the walls is the most popular method of transforming the decoration of the living room from homeowners around the world.

It is easy to create, because it does not require a lot of effort and allows you to add colors, drawings and textures to the interior design space with absolute ease.

Although there are a large number of stylistic trends, you can take on board a few tips that will bring your home closer to diversity, energy and playful refinement.

The striped pattern is of various shapes, and it can become an instant focal point in the room, serving as an excellent backdrop for items and accessories tailored to your liking.

Modern living room with colorful minimalism from the studio Popp Littrell Architecture + Interiors

Do you like thin horizontal bands or thicker vertical bars that bring drama to space or an eclectic structure that fills the atmosphere with brightness and energy!

Remarkably harmonizing with any stylistic direction that you like, drawing with stripes will allow the owner of the apartments to play with color and pattern.

At the same time, 15 amazing decor ideas in today's story will undoubtedly inspire you to show your imagination and imagination to the whole world!

Bright masterpiece

Most modern homeowners choose a cold and neutral color scheme for the living rooms, allowing easy transition between different decorations depending on the season.

This not only keeps the fresh appeal in the decoration throughout the entire time, but also allows you to switch between the hottest colors and current trends without having to radically change the layout.

Filling the room surfaces with colorful stripes is an ideal addition to such an environment, which makes it possible to stand out against the background of a serene space.

Bright decoration of walls can also emphasize the architectural features of the living room (for example, a fireplace), and the use of contrasting shades adds to its atmosphere a special visual appeal.

A bold and colorful interior in the apartments from the engineering company Keep Austin Designed

The colorful accent brings a modern feel to the village living room, developed by the specialists of the Thierry Lemaire interior & design

Create a bright and stunningly spectacular image in the salon in addition to the colorful wallpaper from the studio Dulux Design Service

The room demonstrates a completely different view of the use of strips in the home decor! The project was implemented by the specialists of Christen Interiors

Expanding the color palette

While in the guest room, making a wall surface with strips of bright colors looks absolutely stunning, this can be an ideal solution for those who hesitantly use a bold coloring palette.

Moreover, most people seem to hate adding saturated tones to the living room and giving them a special twist that complements the coloring of the overall space stylistics.

Use a one-color approach to such an ornament and use subtle differences in the coloring of the apartments to give the room a special expressiveness.

Changing the intensity and saturation of the pattern can be made equally strong influence, especially if all the manipulations were done correctly.

A serene room with a cool accent from the studio Krista Watterworth Studio

A beautiful room looks perfect with designer furniture and striped wallpaper. The masterpiece is realized by the masters of the company Beth Bourque Studio

A good approach to creating spectacular and dramatic decoration is to use a color scheme that adorns not only the walls, but all other surfaces with the help of a similar pattern in a more subdued or saturated execution.

If you have a white background in the main room and you want to implement a timeless approach, classic black and white stripes really will be the best option.

Contrast striped ornament works with a wide range of stylistic directions. Decor for the house is made by the LeichtUSA engineering office

A small guest area and a dining room with a creative ornament on the wall surface from the organization CHROMA design lab + interiors

Play with these stripes!

When we talk about creating a special mood in a guest room, the first thought that appears in the imagination is to draw horizontal stripes with the help of saturated paint.

But there are other modern art versions of the decoration of the decoration, and the recent revival of wallpaper means that you can even use bold strips with a variable structure to create an interesting ornament with bold tones and shapes.

For those who want to realize a textural contrast in a room filled with glass, stone and concrete, you can use the stripes realized with the help of grass.

This is a convenient and simple alternative.

Remember that there are a lot of other ways to fill the space with unexpected and delightful geometric patterns with the help of color, which are equally easy to implement and implement with the use of innovative technologies.

Alternating pattern of glass with greenery in the decoration of the studio Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

The strips give refinement and versatility to the interior, as, for example, it was realized in decoration by masters from the bureau of Beyond Beige Interior

And, finally, you can take advantage of the original ideas in the interior with the help of vertical bars!

For some reason, they always took second place, yielding popularity to the more famous horizontal brethren.

They give the small rooms with low ceilings a visual height and a more spacious air volume.

Wide vertical lines seem much more "stylish" and they will also fill the room with a more organized and refined atmosphere.

Amazing decor violates the monotony in the room, designed by Ayelet Designs

Keep the color scheme simple and neutral to achieve an amazing effect, as was done by the studio Tendance Deco

A narrow hall with a striped accent on the wallpaper from the company Matthew Bolt Graphic Design

We presented to your close attention an exclusive and fascinating collection of interesting decor for your home.

And you liked these decisions and ideas? Share your opinion with us in the comments below .

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In my apartment, "striped" is observed in almost all rooms. But these are all vertical lines of different sizes, they really excel in space. In the article I really liked the horizontal variations on the topic. They look amazing both in bright contrast combinations, and in gentle shades of similar tones.

In general, I am an adherent of floral patterns. But after examining examples of striped interiors of living rooms, I realized that such design options are also very successful. Especially I liked the idea of ​​different widths of vertical bands, it really helps to visually raise the ceiling and increase space.

Focus on the wall, it's a good option to give a unique interior. I liked the suggestions and advice. It turns out that you can make one wall special, even if you do not accept bright colors.

Focus on the wall, it's a good option to give a unique interior. I liked the suggestions and advice. It turns out that you can make one wall special, even if you do not accept bright colors

The accent wall in the living room is a very good move in order to make the interior more interesting and bring a highlight to it. I particularly liked the option with a multi-colored wall, especially it is relevant in cold rooms, adds liveliness and expression.

Welcome to the Design Room! Here you will find a collection of interiors of apartments and individual rooms. Start a journey around the world of design with us!

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