13 fresh design trends in the design of the kitchen interior – the choice of authoritative publications


In industrial kitchens, today there is a departure from the simplicity and whiteness that have gripped it in recent years. Now there is a movement towards natural materials, brass accessories, monochrome minimalism and patterned inserts. Here we will see what trends will be in force this year.

A shift to warmer metallic tones, such as brass and copper, is expected. Stainless steel and chrome are colder, respectively, they are not so in demand. Iron and similar shades are returned, only as timeless, traditional material.

In the photo below, the minimalist use of brass is emphasized – on pens, fixtures, and finishes, as well as copper – hoods and household appliances. They were at all fairs, and they were expected to be seen on a show similar to KBB (Kitchens, Bedroom, Bathroom), which will last from 2 on 5 March in Birmingham, UK.

Like a snowball, growing with every centimeter, natural shades and materials are becoming more popular in all interior design, including in the kitchen. Brick lining (or even the brick itself if possible) is added to the country houses with naturalistic aesthetics. And, if done correctly, it will look amazing.

Whether it's a chic and modern model, or traditional – it does not matter: a small compact corner sink will be an ideal solution for introducing into the interior of a small kitchen. The use of one or more combined countertops in combination with it will be a fresh solution. So this room will get a solemn look. Such design solutions are offered by many companies, for example, Villeroy and Boch.

Scandinavian design – it's simple, stylish, elegant, with taste. This trend for some time surrounded all the fundamentals, as now, in 2014. To avoid the cold, inconvenience, add wood, accessories that are capable of doing wonders, making the aura more pleasant and cozy.

A tile above the wash basin, or simply a tiled apron, is not welcome here: laconic slabs of marble, glass strips or other solid wall coverings are the right choice.

This option, as shown below – combined with the house, also has a popularity. It began its distribution in the United States, and other countries have not yet adopted this fashion. And the limiting factor is the weather. Nevertheless, not all of them stop.

Kitchens in the open air gradually appear even in harsh climatic conditions. For example, in the UK and other regions of Europe, where the weather is very doubtful. If it's damp, cold, windy – the retractable glass partition will save. It will prevent the need for permanent cleaning from the weather, ensuring the versatility of the kitchen area.

This option will appeal to people who love bright colors, and also want to stand out from the gray mass. Moreover, it will be very fashionable. Grand Designs Magazine put this trend on the first place, and we also believe that it will soon become a real hit. Look for a tile with interesting and bright colors, patterns, rainbow spray, exotic design. But it will be appropriate only if your a kitchen in the style of minimalism.

Hidden places under the cupboards were the prevailing trend in the last five years, however, now we are seeing the effects of the sconce. Try to find for your interior such models that will look respectable, like a museum exhibit. We are most inclined to metal elements – brass and brass in a country style, but you should not limit yourself to tradition.

It's easy: pick up the lamps so that they fit perfectly in the kitchen. If it is made in Scandinavian minimalism, coupled with modernity, or you have chosen a traditional Interior Design with a lot of natural tones, use brass lighting fixtures.

If you are fond of design, you probably noticed that the fashion for blue color in the interior and all its shades. In 2014, he is definitely a winner. Do not use one tone, so that everything does not merge, mix it. Take soothing sea, heavenly, energetic turquoise. Each of them has its own merits. It's important to do everything so that they do not interfere with each other, but support and combine, like notes in a song.

To love IKEA, or to hate is everyone's business. But the title of the article in the latest issue of the business magazine "An integral part of the kitchen and bathroom" sounds as if it is going to make a revolution. Since the release of their first kitchen, Metod, and during the past 25 years, the Swedish company puts its stamps in furniture design and occupies a leading place in this industry.

What's interesting is their range. In the city apartment they converted the culinary zone, making the facing of the walls a bricklaying, inserting there a natural tree, countertops with black-brown doors and copper accessories.

And again we are talking about natural elements, because to create a black table top it is better to choose the appropriate color granite or quartz. Glossy or dull matte, unlike the whiteness of the interior, exudes a timeless and pure feeling, he seems to shout: "I'm not new, but I'm here to stay for many years, because I look good!".

Kitchen cabinets will always be useful, but today we are talking about a trend that touched the open shelves. Why you need to hide accessories and utensils behind the doors, because they have their own style and design, and can be even very attractive! Also they can be decorated by putting porcelain figurines., eg.

Any large impressive kitchen with all accessories, islands, ventilation, appliances for cooks, for cooking, can become a central, focal point throughout the house. Chunky wooden countertops, steel machinery, adequate ventilation, accessories are everything that will make it powerful, special, and, most importantly, favorite for you.

Similar to the previous point, the use of warm metal equipment is becoming more common and in demand, in particular, it is copper. Ornaments, dishes or even an extract from such material will give the culinary zone something special. And the latter can both be bought in the store, and create to order, according to its sketch. It will become a special, magical subject here. Copper is a powerful material!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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