11 design solutions for the design of a bedroom for children


It does not matter if your child finished the primary classes or moved to the graduation, in any case, the new school year is a wonderful occasion to update the interior. It's like nothing motivates you to new educational feats. This article presents original ideas that can inspire you to new creative victories.

A new amusing room for teenagers

Beautiful wallpaper with a forest print is unusual for children and very loved by practical parents. A cute carpet with an unpretentious pattern and a simple bunk bed is a vivid example of an unforgettable classic that will only become popular with time. And of course, playful swings from the tire. Who refuses to ride on these?

Low-budget option

Paint the white lamp in the neon paint from the can. Find a simple mat in gray tones on the Internet or an inexpensive store. And the walls can be sewn with removable panels of the color you like. They will be an excellent option if you rent a home.

Colorful wall

A cool board in the wall – that's where the ideal solution for young artists. Today, many companies are engaged in such an interesting design. It remains only to choose the appropriate color and size.

Bedroom for super heroes

Graphic wallpaper and a combination of white, blue and red highlight that special fantastic mood. The armchair – sack and crocheted pouffes cordially greet their owners and their friends for spiritual gatherings.

A large shelving from Ikea very comfortably stirs all things, books and lovely souvenirs. And funny pictures of super – heroes, no doubt, will take everyone to a distant childhood, when everyone read out comic books about the brave adventures of saviors.

Low-budget option

Find in the old magazines interesting portraits of children's idols and frame them into the framework.

Instead of wallpaper, paint the walls in a white background color and use a stencil to apply images.

Buy a sale or an antique fair bag chair and hang it in the fabric you like.

Hilarious adventure

These playful wallpapers with African animals painted on them inspired the basic idea of ​​creating this interior. The chic canopy is not only the perfect restraint of the functional areas of the room, but also a fun place for entertainment. Leather puffs and an unusual table made up a cozy corner for table games and classes, and the original carpet completed the design idea about the embodiment of the unbridled spirit of the safari.

Low-budget option

Color the carpet and wallpaper using a stencil with special paints to your liking.

Instead of branded furniture, you can find a regular coffee table with a pair of pouffes on sale.

To fill an empty space and organize additional boxes, use old suitcases that add piquancy to the entire environment.

Breathe the character in the nursery

Get the letters you need in the market or fair and hang in a previously painted colored frame. This technique will not only beautify, but will make the corner of your child unique.

Residential apartments

A double bed will last much longer than an ordinary child's bed. Also do not forget about the colors that will set the mood for the whole room. Here are selected bright pink shades, screaming about a playful girlish character. And turquoise lamps, stylish tables and accessories are so mobile that they can change every year, showing the new preferences of the little mistress.

Convenience and tenderness

Soft light gray wallpaper and bedside mat represent an ageless classic, but the ceiling resembling a water surface and a red zigzag on the curtains give personality, expressing the multi-faceted character of the inhabitant of these chambers. All the rest of the furniture, purchased at the Ikea brand store, as always modern, comfortable and impeccable.

Wooden letters, trimmed with textured fabric, not only make a bright accent, but also serve as an organizer for mini-notes. Under them is a comfortable bench with capacious drawers, storing cute trinkets.

Low-budget option

Simple white roller blinds are much cheaper than custom made. Just draw the batik yourself with the pictures you need.

Upgrade the old bench from the hallway, painting it in the right color and decorating with nice little pads.

Inspiration by the sea

Realistic wall-papers in the whole wall markedly transformed the situation. Lovely bedside lamps, striped bedspread and green as a carpet grass continue this design idea.

Low-budget option

A large poster will be less impressive and much cheaper than the original wallpaper. If you want to fill the entire area of ​​the wall, hang a few matching paintings or posters.

Adult details

Teenage room can be decorated with unusual and stylish accessories. Buy furniture carefully, thinking out what your child can take with him to the university dormitory and that will be irreplaceable in his first apartment.

Low-budget option

Do not rush to buy. First, raid through the closets of your friends and acquaintances. Also, do not forget about yours, suddenly there is something old and unique lying around, or maybe you'll find a family heirloom that you can update with your child.

Luxury apartments

What could be better than this room for a teenager. A luxurious cloth-up bed, hidden in a niche, a shiny elephant and a bright ottoman create an atmosphere of glamor and unsurpassed creative taste.

Low-budget option

Select the sleeping area with a beautiful cloth and pillows. Also, do not lose sight of a single sale of garden sculptures that can be added to the interior.

Get an elegant pendant light. The installation costs will be fully covered by the spectacular view of the sleeping area.

Vintage Romance

This idea is ideal for lovers of antiquity, which will suit many accessories and furniture from antique shops. With the help of paint and textured fabric you can breathe life into long-forgotten things and decorate their children's room.

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Children's bedroom should not only be suitable for sleep, but also cause a desire to spend time here while awake. It is for this to pay attention to the stylistics of furniture, colors and decor elements, which will complement the overall situation of the room.

Children live in their own, often imaginary world. It is important in the children's room to create the atmosphere of a fairy tale, a holiday. Then the child will be happy to spend time in his room, play, learn, develop. Bedrooms for children can combine and a study space, and a bed, and a corner for active games. Even in a small space and with a small budget, this can all be arranged.

Bedrooms for children are also important, as for adults, especially if there is also a play area in this room where it is important to be able to allocate everything correctly, so that there is enough space, and things were in place, and the bed was soft.

Such delightful bedrooms for children! Immediately wanted at least a moment to return to childhood and live in some of the rooms presented.

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