100 ideas of arrangement and design of a small bathroom


Small apartments – this is the original problem of post-Soviet buildings. Even a bedroom area of ​​18 square meters at the time was considered normal, not to mention the bathroom. Namely, this room "suffered" from the hands of the architects most. In this regard, modern owners are interested in the question, how can I increase the bathroom?

Part of this problem can be solved by choosing the right interior style. In such a case, it is worth paying attention to such areas as Art Nouveau, minimalism and Japanese ethno-style. They are characterized by a rational distribution of the room, ease of use and a minimum number of auxiliary items.

Modern Style

In this direction, a combination of bright colors and heavily-combined materials is welcomed. Very actively used by designers zoning rooms (when the room is visually divided into several parts). Plumbing in this case should be arranged functionally. In a small room it can be hidden in the wall to free up additional space.

Adhering to the trend in the Art Nouveau style, you can choose a corner bath or a small shower cubicle for the bathroom. Do not forget about accessories, they must be of a non-standard form. The advantage of this direction is that with its help you can create a unique bathroom interior without spending a lot of money.

Style minimalism

It is characterized by simple clear lines, maximum space and minimum details. It is ideal for a bathroom with a small area. Bathroom or shower must necessarily be with an even outline, if they are rectangular, then with clear angles. In this case, the abundance of different tones is not allowed. The interior of the room should be aged in several shades of one or two colors.

Do not be afraid to experiment with this style. Doing a bath in this direction is difficult to err, because its name speaks for itself: minimum of colors, minimum of accessories and minimum of furniture.

Motives of Japan

Today it is very fashionable to use the Japanese ethno-style in the bathroom. With its name you can immediately understand that this pleasure is not cheap. After all, in order to create the atmosphere of this country in the room you need to use such natural materials as: silk, rice paper and expensive tree species.

This style is characterized by such features as: brevity, rigor, thoughtfulness. For him, eco-friendly materials and accessories are used that resemble Japan. If the owners of the apartment do not have a lot of money, then in that case you can pick up materials at a more reasonable price. To do this, you need to buy a tile with a thematic drawing (it can be depicted sakura branches or traditional Japanese houses).

You can make candlesticks of painted glass with your own hand. They will add romanticism to a small room. If the owners of the premises gave preference to the bathroom, and not to the shower booth, then it is necessary to look for it with a curtain painted with hieroglyphics.

9 tips for increasing space

In a small bathroom you need to try to trim the ceiling, walls and floor in light colors;

Stretch the room in width by using horizontal lines, and in height – vertical.

In a small room it is desirable to use built-in shelves and lockers (if there is such an option). After all, the more individual items in the bathroom, the less it seems.

As mentioned above, do not need to clutter the room with a lot of accessories. They cling to the eye and thereby make the room smaller.

If the bathroom has a window, then they should be decorated laconically. It will be enough to have one small curtain under the tone of tile or horizontal blinds.

Household appliances such as a water heater or washing machine should be hidden in lockers or niches.

The mirror surface is another element that increases the room. It can be used in a variety of variations, from decorating lockers to finishing the ceiling or even some of the walls in the bathroom.

Uniform lighting in a bright bathroom can visually increase the room.

When using textiles in the bathroom, you should try to buy translucent fabrics of light colors.

Bathroom accessories

The purchase of accessories is the final stage of the arrangement of the bathroom. It depends on them how comfortable the building will be after the completion of the repair work. That is why their choice should be approached with all responsibility.

The accessory No. 1 in this room is зеркало. If it is possible to choose with built-in lamps, also the lighting devices can be fixed at the edges. Also in stores presented a large selection of mirrors with different shelves or lockers.

Because of the increased humidity, this accessory often sweats. To prevent customers from experiencing such inconvenience after taking a bath, the companies began to produce mirrors with a special coating that prevents the formation of a pair on the surface. True, such a product will cost much more than usual, then it will serve its owner for many years.

Hardly anyone likes to step warm legs on a cold tile. Proceeding from this, the bathroom needs to be purchased mat. It should complement the general appearance of the room and look harmoniously with all other objects. To once again not to spend, it is better to buy a quality mat (it is desirable that it was made on a rubberized basis), since a cheap product after a few washings will lose its initial appearance.

Hooks are also very important in the bathroom. They are made of several materials: plastics, ceramics and metal. Plastic hooks are cheaper than all, but they are not strong and can break under the weight of a wet towel. To fix them, you do not need to drill a hole in the wall, just remove the protective coating from the back side of the product and glue it to the desired surface.

Ceramic hooks look very original on tiles and have a long service life. As for metal products, there are also advantages here. Such hooks are strong, hygienic and easy to care for.

As a rule, separate subjects attract attention. Therefore, if the room has a small area, it is better to towels were the same shade as tile. In a large bathroom you can afford to buy bright, accentuating attention to terry products.

Do not forget about different statuettes and other decor items. Add to the created image of the room will help large seashells, fragrant candles, and you can buy soap in the form of a rose or some animal. It all depends on the chosen style and theme of the bathroom.

Solving the size problem with furniture and appliances

Under the washbasin, the zone is almost never used, but in vain. A similar area can also benefit.

Different multi-level furniture is very profitable. First, it occupies a smaller area, and secondly it holds more objects.

Rationally use the space on the walls of the room

For very small rooms, space above the toilet can be used

Shelves partially hidden in the wall do not take space, due to what the room seems more spacious.

Multifunctional furniture is our best friend.

The shelves above the toilet can be not only functional, but also beautiful.

The built-in wall furniture is a good option of saving space!

A good place to store things.

We use furniture at "full capacity"

All kinds of accommodation for storing towels, essentials and other things must be present in small bathrooms.

You can make a multi-level area under the sink.

Transparent or glass furniture in combination with various adaptations is capable not only to visually increase the area, but also to make full use of space!

And here are a few ideas for a washing machine

A few more options for a small bathroom

With the help of the above tips, the owners of small apartments can well equip the bathroom. But, in pursuit of additional centimeters it is important not to overdo it. After all, any owner appreciates the bathroom functionality and convenience of the location of objects.

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