10 the most stylish kitchen island options that are worthy of your close attention


The kitchen island is completely functional in itself. On it we prepare, we store in its bowels numerous objects, and the equipment built in its surface is used daily. The significance of this zone is so great that the basic situation of the kitchen simply recedes into the background. It's no secret that the central table is the main working place. But it can and should be stylish, despite its practical purpose.

We present to you 10 fantastic variants of kitchen islands – from huge to incredibly compact, from rustic to the most modern. And all of them are called to fill with beauty the understanding of practical furniture.

This is truly the king among the kitchen islands. Its double size allows you to stay at home for dinner. A high curved faucet above the stainless steel sink balances the vast horizontal expanses of the countertop.

This technical island can be made to order for a fairly small kitchen. Apparently, it is equipped with several capacious boxes and shelves. The folding table top easily turns it into a dining table.

This stunning model looks just great, and besides it performs several functions. This is a bar, and a desktop, and an attractive storage system. The master did his best to make a real masterpiece without compromising practicality.

The table does not have to be huge to impress. In a small kitchen, it can only be small. But one rule remains unshakable. The base should be bright and elegant, and the table top – convenient for eating.

As in this photo. It is advisable to light this combination with such a delightful chandelier . And yet a lot of free space in the kitchen will remain!

Continuing the conversation about small kitchens, I want to pay attention to this beautiful islet. Skilfully made of old boxes, it has a unique rustic charm and incredible potential.

The table easily moves, has hooks for towels and several convenient storage compartments. This model is an incredibly profitable acquisition for any kitchen.

And still, functionality is most important. Different tables perform different tasks – storing things, providing an additional working or dining area. In front of you there is a squat village table, which has become a magnificent shelving.

Cabinets are nice and comfortable, but if the place allows, get an island on the front side of which perfectly fit retractable shelves hidden behind pretty doors. This model is painted in a different color than the rest of the furniture, and the combination was just luxurious.

And if we are talking about the most fantastic options for kitchen islands, why not discuss a model with a built-in refrigerator? Ideal for storing products that are used most often.

The worktop, covered with tiles, makes this model a wonderful and most visible object in the kitchen. Hanging over its surface, vintage saucepans and frying pans create an atmosphere of luxury and celebration. The island is beautiful in itself due to its bright design and unsurpassed functionality.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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