10 stunning design ideas how to make a monotonous habitual kitchen interior fashionable and bright


Modern layout of apartments and houses provide for spacious kitchens. And this is not accidental, as in recent years this room has been given great importance: it is intended not only for making delicious dishes, but also for connecting all family members who could discuss the past day, plans for the future in a calm and cozy atmosphere, share joy and so on.

Therefore, the design of this part of the house should be given a lot of attention, because it should be comfortable for inspiration for culinary achievements, stylish for the opportunity to invite guests to it for tea and, of course, home and warm, so that the owners themselves would be happy to gather in it.

This article offers you to familiarize yourself with several ideas that will definitely help to transform your kitchen and make it more attractive. At the same time, they are so simple that they can be implemented even in the current situation, because we are talking about the arrangement of color accents.

1. Choose your favorite color palette

It's not a secret that the right choice of shades for decorating a house can not only hide the shortcomings of the premises, but also create an appropriate environment filled with the necessary energy and contributing to the constant growth of well-being in the family.

Therefore, choosing a color palette for the kitchen, you need to remember, it should not only be fashionable and practical, but also reflect your own style and taste. And this can be achieved only by adding to the interior your favorite tones.

And it does not matter if it's neutral or bright colors, if you feel comfortable and confident in this room, the same spirit will necessarily pass to your guests.

The color palette in the kitchen should display your own style and taste

2. Choose the right materials for the kitchen that are not afraid of change

Very often repair work is delayed because of the constant doubts about the correctness of the choice made. If you are not inclined to constancy, and are afraid that the chosen coloring will sooner or later get bored, choose such materials for decoration, which can be easily repainted or replaced.

For example, wallpaper for painting allows you to radically change the style of decorating the kitchen, as well as quickly refresh the surface of the walls. Furniture facades or floors that can be treated with colorful compounds will also help you quickly transform the space.

3. The design of the kitchen may not correspond to the general style of the house

Among the fashion trends in the kitchen interior can be called one very good idea, which is that choosing the colors for your favorite cuisine does not necessarily drive yourself into the framework of the overall style in the house. After all, as mentioned above, there must be a special mood conducive to hospitality, openness and pleasant pastime.

And it is in the kitchen that you can let your taste and style be expressed. Of course, you need to take into account that the design, no matter how you like it, should not shock or cause discomfort for the rest of the household and guests.

The color design of the kitchen may not correspond to the general style of the apartment or house

4. Colorful furniture in the kitchen is fashionable

Many visitors to the resource interior Kitchens probably remember that in the years of shortage, the apartments were a coloristic chaos, since it was almost impossible to purchase a solid furniture set. At the same time, fashion trends of the time were based on monochrome. But all this remains in the past.

Modern trends in the interior support bold solutions based on a combination of very different and even eclectic colors. Look, what optimistic furniture has appeared on the market, and the facades of kitchen cabinets today are rarely performed in one-color.

But nevertheless it is necessary to consider, that it is recommended to choose no more than three shades for registration of a premise for preparation and reception of food. And, of course, before ordering a multicolor set, it would be nice to get professional advice not only about the correctness of the choice made, but also the coloring of the stylistics of the facades.

5. Correct lighting will help to correct color design in the kitchen

Choosing a palette for decorating the kitchen, do not forget the main rule: in dark and small rooms, preference should be given to light or bright colors, and in bright and spacious rooms you can experiment with rich and deep shades.

But do not get upset if your favorite tone does not match the size and layout of the kitchen. In this case, properly organized lighting will help, especially since modern requirements include distributed systems of lamps and chandeliers located in each functional area.

The presence of several light sources in the kitchen (in the central part, in the working and dining areas, along walls or furniture facades) not only guarantees safe cooking, but also allows the interior to look more stylish and luxurious.

Smart lighting will allow your kitchen to look more impressive

6. Neutral palette should not look boring

Very often for luxury kitchens, designers and customers choose neutral colors (beige, brown, cream, gray) that best suit many styles in the interior. At the same time, many believe that such a palette is perceived as unnecessarily strict, formal and boring.

But this is an erroneous opinion, since a competent combination of such colors with spectacular and rich floors from valuable woods, surfaces with metallic luster, designer objects (lamps, vases, sculptural compositions, etc.) will make your kitchen stylish, chic and memorable.

An example of this can be a white interior design, which can not be called boring and uninteresting due to the luxurious finish of wood and stucco, original forms and a variety of textures.

Neskuchny interior in neutral colors

7. Even the interior of the tree can be played with color

The kitchen premise, in which both furniture and floors are made of natural wood, can be called one of the most popular design options. This is due to many reasons: a natural warm color palette, suitable for many styles, versatility and beauty of the material, as well as sufficient durability.

Of no less importance is the fact that the tree will never go out of fashion, and the interior designed with it will be relevant both in 10 and in 20 years. But that your kitchen does not turn into a luxurious, but monochrome and boring room, experiment with color.

To do this, it is sufficient to add contrasting decorative elements, such as lamps, figurines, vases, rugs, table napkins, etc. Very effective will look combined facades. Replace several wooden doors with new ones that have the same tone as, for example, the technique, and you will see how the room will be transformed: it will become more lively, attractive and fashionable.

The interior, decorated with the help of wood, can be transformed with the help of color accents, the photo is provided by Medallion Cabinetry

8. Elegant color accents in your kitchen

If you like any shades, but want your kitchen to be in harmony with the overall style of the house, you can take advantage of the designers' advice by adding to the interior elegant accents such as colorful tiles in the work area, bright floor or separate pieces of furniture, metal elements on the facades cabinets, etc.

Small details of the most diverse tones, having a glossy surface reflecting light, will become an effective and at the same time unobtrusive solution for space transformation. Graceful but strong accents transform the interior without changing the basic style.

9. Bizarre colors will add optimism to the interior of the kitchen

If a thoughtful stylish kitchen design once seems boring and gray to you, it's not necessary to start a grandiose renovation with furniture replacement. After all, you can paint it, filling it with optimism and cheerfulness by just adding small, but diverse and accessible bright objects: place a beautiful tablecloth on the table, in a tone or in contrast, you can pick up towels or curtains, pillows on chairs, etc. Otherwise, why do you need a kitchen, if its atmosphere does not please you, and cook under such conditions is tedious and boring?

10. Away with bans in the design of the kitchen

For sure, many will agree that many ideas for interior design are imposed on us by glossy magazines, and are also limited by many conventions. To the kitchen has become a family room, where the atmosphere of coziness, good nature and frankness will reign, forget about many tips of well-trained designers and become a creative author of your own amazing project.

For example, if your younger households, just beginning to learn the world and develop certain skills, like to draw, why not provide for them a special wall that they could paint while adults are busy cooking or discussing everyday affairs?

Or purchase special facades for furniture or appliances, on which you could leave household notes with colored markers. Drop all prohibitions, create, connect the whole family to the process of decorating the kitchen, and then it will definitely become the most favorite room in the house.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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