10 kitchen island design ideas: amazing opportunities for renewal of the interior


Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Looking for fresh ideas and unexpected solutions? Do you want the updated interior to look especially? The first step to the implementation of these tasks may be acquaintance with the creative projects from our collection, each of which, undoubtedly, is worthy of admiration.

Our attention was again reoccupied with the kitchen islands, which seem to us to be furnishings with truly unlimited potential. Remember this and in any case do not settle for something ordinary and uninteresting.

You will find interesting ornaments, combinations of textures and shapes, bright colors and stunning ideas, thanks to which absolutely any kitchen can become functional and attractive.

Outside Sink

Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that the appearance and shape of such an important device as a sink are of great importance in the context of a conversation about a kitchen island. Consider installing a very large model, similar to the one we see in the photo.

To wash in it dimensional items such as pots and pans – a pleasure: splashes and spilling of water can be forgotten forever. And even buy a pet with such a shell, everyone will be able to easily.

Impressive dimensions are not at all synonymous with inconvenience, although it may seem to some that this is so. If a couple of extra square meters in the island are not critical for your kitchen, do not hesitate to agree to this option.

The choice of material should be based entirely on your preferences. We propose to pay attention to the mudstone: components of natural origin are always more likely to fit into the situation.

The bigger, the better

Bright colors

You can revitalize the atmosphere by using non-standard solutions. Uniqueness will be helped by artistic components: not in the form of paintings, of course, but in the original decor of the foundation of the island or its countertops. Adhere to shades that are in harmony with the rest of the design, or choose those that are able to form accents.

Red is in fashion

Decorative glass

This magnificent decor is created by printing an image directly on the surface of the glass panel, until it is installed, of course. The design options are almost limitless, but the landscape motifs, abstract ornaments reminiscent of this or that season or natural phenomenon, and symbolic images that occupy an important place in our hearts are especially interesting.

Beauty of organic texture

Thermal treatment gives the wood a special vintage charm. And by correctly choosing the installation method, as, for example, in this case, where the facing boards are placed diagonally, you will easily achieve an interesting result.

The frame can be made of steel or other material combined with wood. Elements in the country style are especially appreciated for their simplicity and unconstrained appearance, so this original furniture fits well in a variety of character spaces.

Angular shapes

A small kitchen in minimalist design is especially noteworthy for one amazing thing – an island standing in the center, made of painted concrete. It is equipped with a sink, household appliances and other components that make it possible to optimally organize the space. Such extraordinary solutions invariably guarantee uniqueness of design.

Surrounded by natural textures

The island, which we see in the photo, is made to order from natural wood, which is already a positive characteristic. However, designers took care to make it look exactly as if it was made by nature itself.

A natural silhouette, a delicately conserved texture and a delightful woody pattern are the key features that make us look into this image again and again. A special role in the realization of this idea was played by the corresponding environment, less original than the island, but still very organic.

Tribute to an organic environment

Rough Edges

This option looks a bit simpler than the previous one, but not less brightly. It consists of two completely different wooden elements. Special attention deserves an interesting foundation, slightly adapted to the sample of modern design. Such an island does not fit into any situation, but with the right approach it will raise its attractiveness to a new, qualitatively new level.

Extravagance in all its glory

Looking for an unexpected solution that demonstrates a creative approach, but is accessible from a financial point of view? Then we suggest you consider the original version, which involves using an old wine barrel as the base of the kitchen island.

The worktop in this case does not have to be wooden: you can choose the material yourself, at your discretion. Anyway, these samples allow you to save without compromising aesthetics and style.

If you have children, you must take special care to ensure the stability of such an island, the absence of rough edges and metal parts with sharp edges. Add some bright decor elements to the interior, and you will get a complete, finished picture of the design with an expressive character.

Old things in the interior

Intriguing prints

Turn the foundation of the island into the most spectacular component of the situation will help tiles with paintings. The photo shows only one of the vast array of available drawing options.

Not to mention that you have the opportunity to order the production of tiles, decorated according to your sketches. An economical version of this decor allows the use of high-quality wallpapers.

Their width should correspond to the height of the base to the maximum, so that the number of joints can be minimized. A clear acrylic coating protects the surface from moisture and rapid abrasion.

The second life of antiques

If the character of the interior of your house allows the inclusion of elements with pronounced vintage aesthetics, boldly use antiques for a variety of purposes, for they, as a rule, have a special energy and the power of emotional impact. Suitable options you can find on the flea market or garage sale. If an object needs restoration, do not neglect this circumstance, because even the most solid structures are subject to the influence of time.

Tibetan altar in its new image

Perceive the kitchen space as a field for the realization of original creative ideas. You are on the right track, if unexpected decisions do not frighten you, but are an opportunity to express yourself.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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