10 ideas bedrooms in the style of a resort hotel


We invite you to consider amazing design ideas. This time, your attention will be presented to the bedrooms, designed in the style of resort hotels. The authors decided to bring into the home atmosphere that piece of bliss that is peculiar to the holiday on the azure seashore.

View of the city

A magnificent view of the city through huge windows. Residential space in neutral colors with clean lines and tropical plants. Built-in lamps echo the night lights of the city.

Luxury accessories filled this elegant Chicago bedroom in brown shades. Everything from pillows to heavy floor-to-ceiling curtains made of expensive fabrics creates the atmosphere of a high-class hotel.

City bedroom with luxury accessories

Color riot in the bedroom in Manhattan. But notice, there are no cutting eyes, there is a feeling that this drawing is watercolor. The whole secret is in a harmonious combination, the colors seem to flow into each other on a grayish background.

Sunbed bedroom in blue tones

Natural materials

The following ideas will suit lovers of natural materials. Magnificent view of the coniferous forest from the window of the room. Finishing and furniture in lacquered wood. The general color scheme is different shades of natural brown. Bed under the canopy and night tables create a sense of symmetry.

Bedroom with a natural wood finish

A bedroom in a ski resort. Simulation of the fireplace, cushions, thick carpet, modest color scheme, high narrow window, full feeling that the window is already waiting for friends skiers.

Luxurious gray bedroom

The bedroom overlooking the roofs in a semi-colonial style catches immediately and irrevocably. White sliding shutters will hide the occupants from extraneous views. And the deep blue color of the fabrics will bring a soothing coolness on a hot day.

Alloy of colonial style and high-tech

Tropical paradise

Finally we reached the tropics. In this high-rise building in Miami, the white walls do not distract the view from works of contemporary art, tropical vegetation and a stunning view outside the windows.

Bedroom in a high-rise building

It's hard to imagine something purer than a white bed, a delicate curtain of curtains and a traditional idea of ​​a crystal clear ocean. This approach can be successfully used in your own bedroom, taking white and blue shades and picking up glass furniture.

Transparent furniture, including a bed

Luxurious bedroom of a languid southern aristocrat. The creamy hue is only slightly diluted with gilding and tropical greens.

Bedroom in colonial style

The shining bedroom on Miami Beach is full of unexpected details and dazzling colors.

Bright, juicy, exciting imagination room with balcony

Even if your apartment does not have a view of the city, the forest or the ocean, you can always choose the right material to create an atmosphere of freedom and peace. All the ideal ideas began with a simple desire for novelty.

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These ideas are very fascinating. Such a variety of ideas for the bedroom will not leave indifferent even the most capricious client. Thanks to such ideas, you can decorate your bedroom by adding elements of a holiday spent in a foreign resort, but which will long please your owners. Using light colors and bright elements gives lightness and freshness. Romantics are also not deprived of the attention of designers, for them also the author offers a choice of several ideas, among which the design of a bedroom in a chocolate style without bright elements and extra furniture, which itself has a rest.

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