10 excellent design ideas for storing knives in the kitchen


Today we will tell you how to properly store kitchen knives, which, as you know, should always be inaccessible to children. Consider the best ways to safely store.

The magnetic holder is one of the most practical and simple ways to solve this problem. Find a suitable place in the kitchen and mount the holder in the wall. For a very reasonable price you will get rid of many inconveniences, protect yourself and your loved ones.

This holder is created by New York-based Schmidt Brothers. In a set of ten steel knives of different shapes and sizes.

In this shelf there are magnets that hold the knives. This original stand is made of walnut wood. Design belongs to The Taidgh O'Neill's NoHo. Dimensions of the shelf – 35,56 x 30,48 x 12,7 cm, which will allow it to be placed in any kitchen.

Excellent storage system for knives, which saves space: light block with a magnet is designed for eight knives.

If you want something solid, simple and hygienic, then a wooden horizontal shelf will suit you. Its simple design makes it appropriate both in the home kitchen and in the restaurant.

This is a classic knife storage system, where this "predatory" kitchen utensils of different shapes and sizes can be located. There is also a place for scissors.

Original block design. Very simple and beautiful. You can do it yourself, if you do not want to spend it: for this you will need laminated pine panels and a lot of bamboo skewers.

Very convenient and interesting storage system: there are a number of slots in the table; You can insert a knife into any of them. The same principle that applies to the creation of classical wooden blocks, found the original performance.

This system is built into the kitchen box, which distinguishes it from many others. Can store up to eight sets.

This wooden block can store up to fifteen knives.

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