10 amazing ideas for stylish kitchen islands: stunning design options


Walnut-colored bookshelf on wheels

For practical and aesthetic reasons, homeowners often establish a functional and stylish kitchen island where you can cook, eat and do other things. Even small kitchens will be irreplaceable with such universal designs. The possibilities of cooking here are rising to a new level! But what is the creative component of this element?

Prepare something spectacular!

We will start with the exclusive kitchen island from the Dutch designer Robert Kolenik. The author added stunning sea strokes, which, of course, decorated him. Decorative waves and a unique aquarium are very complementary to the room. Complete with LED-backlight and concealed shelves, there is a mechanical lift that lifts the countertop by pressing a button.

A wonderful aquarium brings the ocean to the room!

Cars, creative design, cooking – Snaidero has found a fascinating way to combine all this in the dazzling kitchen of OLA 25 Limited Edition. Manufactured on the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the partnership between Snaidero and Pininfarina, it has an elegant, functional and truly unique island. Available colors: white, scarlet, red, black.

Daring decor! Inspiration from Ferrari

A dazzling black-and-red element

Many like the sea theme in the interior, but the design of this minimalist kitchen with an amazingly functional area brought this motif to a whole new level. The island, imitating a sailboat, is not only the best solution from the point of view of ergonomics, but also an aesthetically significant part of the decor. It is exclusive, unusual, and also very practical!

A stunning combination of minimalism and maritime style

At first glance, you can not even say that this attention-grabbing white object is a kitchen-island. It is made in the style of the spaceship Enterprise. Another obvious advantage of this environment is the space saving, which allows you to organize a larger working space in the kitchen. In the set there are unique shelves and cabinets. Such a kitchen is not only beautiful, but also universal!

Hidden shelves in a practical subject

The touch of nature

Natural oak, and in general the presence of wood in the interior, helps create a rather impressive visual series. Designer Willi Bruckbauer added a concrete slab over the base of wood and got a unique and at the same time practical kitchen element. Equipped with a sink and two hobs, this object is also a kind of sculptural detail.

Oak and concrete in confluence

Made from natural wood, this small but very original piece of interior has its own special merits and instantly becomes the focal point in the room. Perfect choice for those who prefer the theme of wildlife and is so focused in the design of their own home. This unique cooking area sets us up for a healthy lifestyle and right habits.

Natural trunks of trees in the decor

The kitchen item captivates with its simplicity and practicality. Also of great importance is the fact that most of us can afford to create something like this in our own homes. "Smart" walnut-shelled bookshelves, equipped with beautiful backlighting, will help in cooking food for homeowners who imagine themselves to be serious cooks.

Joy for those who love cookbooks

Spectacular "soaring" furniture

Rustic background and minimalist shine came together to create for us kitchen countertops that seem to float in the air! Using a dark background ensures that everything will be beautifully underlined, and the effect of perception will increase. Guests will be simply fascinated by the fact that these elements defy gravity. This is sure to be the beginning of a conversation when someone visits your home.

Modern rustic room with a floating minimalist work area

So, what is here for the unusual table top floating in the air? The secret is that the mirror rack supports one of its ends. Although the design seems unstable, but we can assure you: this is far from being so! Do not take away from the object and its aesthetic splendor. And the presence of transparent chairs makes the space even more airy.

Suspended island with an original table top

And here there are no secret technologies for deception. The worktop is fixed at the expense of steel beams inside the rack, due to which the integrity and structure of the universal object remain intact. And the room of the kitchen turns not only into a place for cooking food, but also in a chic bar!

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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